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  • The jtc Case challenge 2017

    Join us for the second run of the JTC Case Challenge!


    This competition seeks to challenge undergraduates by offering them the opportunity to propose new features and programmes within a JTC estate to enhance the working environment, foster greater interactions between companies, and create a sense of ownership amongst the community. This may include both hardware (e.g. physical infrastructure) and software (e.g. events and programmes) elements. Participants will be required to apply their theoretical knowledge, research and analytical skills and creativity in tackling the case.


    The specifics of the case challenge, including information on the JTC estate, will be revealed to participants via email on 18th August 2017. Interested students should form teams of 3 members.

    Register now to participate.

    (Registration closes on 16 August, 5.00 PM)


    Click here to find out more about JTC estates & properties.

    Understand the Ground Sentiments

    You will adopt primary research methods to gain insight into the perspectives and concerns of various internal and external stakeholders.

    Identify Industry Needs

    At JTC, we plan for the needs of the industry years in advance. You will be tasked to find out more about a particular sector and identify what are some of the trends today.

    Tackle Real Issues

    As Singapore's largest industrial landlord, JTC sees a multitude of complex issues in its estates. You will have the opportunity to identify these problems and offer solutions to alleviate these pertinent issues.

    Conceptualise New Features & Programmes

    Based on the research your team has carried out, you will propose new amenities and introduce novel community programming in the JTC estate.

  • Competition Details


    This competition is open to all undergraduates from local universities.


    Students are required to form teams of 3 members.

    Team members may hail from a mix of disciplines.


    The competition consists of 2 rounds:


    (I) Preliminary Round (18 Aug - 23 Aug 2017)

    Upon the release of the case challenge, Teams will have time to work on the problem and devise solutions.

    Teams will submit a set of slides + an executive summary by the stipulated deadline.

    Submissions will be evaluated & the Top 5 Teams will be shortlisted for the Finals.


    (II) Finals (8 Sep 2017)

    Teams will present their case solutions to a panel of assessors.

    Based on the assessment, the winners of the competition will be determined.

    Information Session for Finalists

    (Monday, 4 Sep, 9.00 AM - 1.00 PM)

    The Top 5 shortlisted teams will be required to send at least one representative to attend a mandatory Information Session for Finalists, held on Monday, 4 September 2017.


    The information session will serve as a platform to furnish teams with more information on JTC and its projects. Participants will also have the opportunity to better understand the actual scope of the case, interact with various stakeholders, and gather feedback on their preliminary proposals. The session will close with a site tour of the JTC Property that is relevant to the case issue.


    After the Information Session, finalists will have several days to improve on their presentation slides, incorporating the new information they have obtained in preparation for the Finals.

  • Timeline

    Take note of these key dates.

    Registration Opens

    Monday, 17 July 2017

    Form teams of 3 and register to participate in the competition.

    Click here to register

    Registration Closes

    Wed, 16 August 2017 (5:00 PM)

    Confirmation emails will be sent to the various teams with more details of the case challenge.

    Release of Case

    Friday, 18 August 2017 (9:00 AM)

    Case Information will be sent out to all participants at 9:00 AM on the 18th of August. Participants will have until 23rd August to work on the case.

    Deadline: Case Submission

    Wednesday, 23 August 2017 (05:00 PM)

    Participants are to submit the Deck of 50 slides maximum (in PDF format) + 2-page Executive Summary by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, 23 August.

    Late submissions will not be accepted.

    Evaluation of Submissions

    Wednesday, 23 August 2017 - Tuesday, 29 August 2017

    Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of assessors.

    Top 5 Teams will proceed to the Finals.

    Notification of Prelim Results

    Wednesday, 30 August 2017 

    All participants will be notified of the outcome of the Preliminary Round.

    Information Session for Finalists

    Monday, 4 September 2017 (09:00 AM)

    Finalists will be invited to attend the Information Session. At least 1 team member will be required to attend the session.


    This session will consist of a sharing on JTC and the development cited in the case, a quick-fire Q&A session as well as a site visit to the development.

    Revisions & Improvements

    Monday, 4 September 2017 - Wednesday, 6 September 2017

    Teams are given several days to finalise their presentations in preparation for the Finals.

    They may choose to incorporate new knowledge obtained during the Information Session to improve on the Team's submissions.


    Friday, 8 September 2017 (08:30 AM)

    Top Teams will present their proposals to a Panel of Assessors.

    It will consist of a 20 mins presentation by the team + 10 mins Q&A

    Winners will be announced at the end of the competition.

  • 2017 finalists

    Congratulations to the Top 5 teams that have qualified for the Finals!



    Ellie & Co.




    Special mention to the following teams whose submissions made it into the Top 10:




    RE Consultants

    The Playground


    Certificates will be issued to the teams that made it into the Top 10.

    We will get in touch with you via email in due time.


    To all other teams, thank you for participating in JTC Case Challenge 2017. We hope this competition has given you a glimpse into JTC's diverse work and that this experience has been a good one for you.


    JTC will be attending NTU Xchange on 13th September, and NUS Public Service Networking Session on 14th September. Do drop by our booths to speak to us and find out more about opportunities in JTC!

  • Prizes

    Top Teams will receive attractive prizes!

    Outstanding participants may also be offered internship, scholarship or graduate opportunities!

    1st Prize


    2nd Prize


    3rd Prize


  • Registration

    Registration for JTC Case Challenge 2017 has now closed.

    Join us next year for Case Challenge 2018!

  • FAQs

    Got a question?

    Who can participate in the competition?

    All students currently pursuing their undergraduate study in local universities are eligible to participate in the competition.


    How many members are required to form a team?

    There should be 3 members in each team.


    Do team members have to be in the same Year or come from the same Faculty?

    No. Students have the freedom to decide on the team composition.

    Team members may come from a mix of years and from different faculties.


    What is the scope of the challenge?

    I'm uncertain as details of the case have not been provided yet.

    Teams will be required to propose new features and amenities to be implemented in one of JTC's existing estates, with the intent to create a more vibrant, dynamic and innovative workplace for the companies in the estate.


    This means that teams will be required to employ both primary and secondary research methods to understand the needs of the industry and existing stakeholders before proposing the ideas for the initiatives.


    To ensure fairness, more details on the estate, location and industry will be furnished to registered participants on the 18th of August.

    Do I need to hold any pre-requisite knowledge in order to do well in this competition?

    No. Here at JTC, our staff hail from various disciplines and backgrounds. In fact, we value diversity as it ensures that many different perspectives are considered. Participants only need to be willing to explore and innovate in order to do well in this competition.